Gone fishing II

Last year we went fishing, 10 guys celebrating the birthdays of one another. We caught a bunch of yellow tuna and serra (King Mackerel). Håvard, who returned to Norway in June 2013, was coming to Maputo for a reunion with old friends. And among others, he had one great wish: Let’s go fishin’ together again!


Håvard – happy as always when fishing. Size does not matter!

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Today we gathered for the yearly(?) “Silver Bullet Memorial Run”. No, Silver Bullet (alias Scott) hasn’t passed away or anything, but he has left Maputo. “Silver Bullet” liked running more than drinking, and while he stayed in Maputo he ran several marathons and trained even more for them. Together with Micke and Marita Loof he started the first unofficial marathon event (that we know about) here in Maputo, 3 years ago. And after he left, the event has continued. Therefore, the name “Silver Bullet Memorial Run”.


Happy runners after 4,5 of 21 km in the “Silver Bullet Memorial Run”; Sabate, Ricky and Mari.  Later on the guys got a tough day at races. ..

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We are moving back to Norway and will be selling our beloved car :

Toyota Landcruiser Prado TX Limited 2.7 Petrol 2000 mod. Automatic transmission. 7 seats.

Milage 119.200 km (25. May 2014)

Cost: USD 12.500.

Any taxes applicable if sold to non-diplomats is the responsibility of new owner.

For handover in Maputo by mid-June or end July/start August 2014.








For further info and pictures, please read more and see picture gallery.

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Our Norwegian friend, Ole-Kristian, was planning to pay us a visit in order to join us to Tofo for some exotic scuba diving. However, with the last months political instability and warlike conditions, hijackings, roadside attacks and shooting taking place around the country, our travel to Tofo was at risk of being cancelled. Luckily, the combatants started peace talks and negotiations just weeks before Ole’s arrival and things have stabilized a bit, and we could confirm our bookings at Tofo Scuba.

And with accommodation at beautiful Coraciida!


Tofo Scuba and georgeous Coraciida

Scroll on to watch our two marvellous  scuba diving videos!

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Straight from the north of Mozambique and the La Krüger/Marloth/Krüger Park with Mari’s parents, we waved good-bye and headed on to Nelspruit International Airport in our Toyota Prado! Like last year, the original plan was to go to Lesotho, however the story repeated itself: Rain, rain, rain. So, again we  did a last-minute change and decided to go to Namibia instead. With only the return tickets, the first night booked in Windhoek and a rental 4×4 car waiting, we set off for a 10 days adventure in the former German Colony; The Namibia Experience 2014.


Okonjima – AfriCat Foundation Entry Gate

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From the tropical and beautiful beaches in the northern regions of Mozambique, we arrived in Maputo the day before New Years Eve together with Randi and Lars-Erik. We had one night in Maputo before setting off for their final chapter of their journey to Africa: A New Years visit to Marloth and Krüger Parks.

Krüger Randi Lars Erik29

Sunrise during our morning walk in Krüger Park

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From Ilha de Moçambique our travel together with Randi and Lars-Erik continued a bit further north in the Nampula province on the second day after Christmas, more exactly to Nuarro Lodge for a couple of days relaxation in a rural and tropical environment.

A beach cove for two…


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